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When you're building a house you have to start with a foundation, otherwise you'll end up with a shack! Your body is no different. -Marita Gumbs

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As might be expected, Marita is intimately familiar with the workings of the human body. She  is also a deeply compassionate human being. This has to do not only with her preternatural ability to sense what her clients are feeling, what their limits are, and how much they can accomplish in a given time; it also concerns her social vision and her ambition, which extends from helping her aged relatives to her concerns for the health of her community, to help make the world a better place.

-Alan, Art History Professor

Client for 8+ years

Sometimes it's overwhelming to figure out where to start when it comes to getting back into a fitness routine after injury or just long periods of inactivity. Marita makes it easier. I was referred to her after physical therapy for knee pain and was impressed by how quickly she can identify weaknesses and posture issues that can cause pain and physical limitations. Not only am I stronger, but I pay more attention to my body in everyday movement. She is genuinely interested in her clients and eager to help us be healthy. 

— Amy, MPH 

Client for 2+ years


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Your body is a kinetic chain.



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