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Mama  & Me Fitness

Our ‘Mama & Me’ fitness programs are focused on building a community of mothers and children centered on fitness and wellness.

Stroll & Burn

This fitness class utilizes a modified route of one of our favorite trails. As you move along a 1 mile route with your little one in their stroller, you will lunge, squat and stop for pushing, pulling and core exercises. This class is intended for women who are 16+ weeks postpartum, have been given clearance by their doctor to workout and are ready for an advanced workout.

Mamas Run DC

Mamas Run DC is a running group for Mamas running with their babies or toddlers in strollers. We also welcome Mamas to come out without their little ones with the understanding that sometimes your little one (or you) may not be up for the joint effort! You can also feel free to bring your older children who want to run with you.

We meet once a week at different locations; typically on the weekend or sometimes on a remote friendly day (Mondays or Fridays). The routes we run are selected with our strollers and little ones in mind. The paths tend to be designated running/walking paths that are wide. We also try to seek out shaded paths that have low bike traffic.

Mamas should be 16+ to participate and children should be 6+ months old and able to hold their head up to ride in a running stroller while running. 

Core Restore

This virtual 10-week program will focus on rebuilding the core that has changed through the process of pregnancy and delivery. C-sections, diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues will all be taken into consideration. We will work on stabilizing, engaging and strengthening the core through movements that isolate the core and movements that integrate the entire body. The core will be the focus while also strengthening the muscles that support the core and muscles that may have been weakened or compromised through pregnancy and caring for your new child. The goal will be to give you the restorative strength and stability you need to move into more intense exercise at 16+ weeks postpartum.


Mamas must be 6+ weeks postpartum and have clearance from their doctors to begin this program.


Launching in the Late Summer or Early Fall 2024

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